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SHINee drabble challenge

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Rules ;

1. No bashing is tolerated. Please be nice.
2. Redirecting posts to your journal and/or community is fine, but do not lock them.
3. Please give proper warning if contents are not workplace-safe.
4. Please tag your posts accordingly. Tags: a: your username , c: (prompt)
5. Only responses to running challenges should be posted to the community.
6. A drabble is 100 words exactly. Responses to the drabble challenge may be in the form of a 150 word drabble and a half or a 200 word double drabble.
7. Post your challenge responses in a new entry. Your header should look like this:

Title: (Required)
Author: (Required)
Word count: (Required)
Pairing: (Required)
Rating: (Optional; please indicate if a story is NSFW.)
Summary: (Optional)
Author's Notes: (Optional)

Affiliates ;

* shinee_replay
* ontae_love
* seouldout
* snsd_fics
* dbsk_lfws
* shineejonghyun
* shineesmut
* shineetrailmix

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Mods ; pinkfluffies & conditionally /Rules borrowed from dbsk_flashfic