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13 February 2012 @ 11:57 pm
[Fic] Synergetic (1/1); R  
Title: Synergetic
Rating: R
Author: Pari Passi
Length: One-Shot / 3,057 words
Summary: College AU. Minho plays for the school’s soccer team on scholarship; Kibum is studying sports medicine and logging hours to receive his massage license. Touching a good friend intimately doesn’t always bode too well, but in this case maybe it will. (I am awful at summaries, mostly because I don’t want to give the obvious away).

So, I actually do like this one a lot…but I think there is sooo a part two in the making.

( Kibum names the groups of muscles in his head as skilled fingers move over smooth skin with the ease of the massage oil that’s slathered over his hands. )